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GoingGlobal is a platform matching you with more than 200 relocation programs: citizenship and residence, startup, talent and student visas, and business jurisdictions. We help people all over the world to find the most suitable way of relocation and connect with a reliable immigration lawyer who will guide the client through the whole process of obtaining the documents

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Founder of GoingGlobal, Anatolii Trashman, is a digital nomad since 2016. Since then he already visited more than 30 countries: spent 4 winters in Asia, driven through Europe to the Middle East, and had several trips to the USA. Anatolii created his own infrastructure located in several strategically chosen countries in order to live, run a business, and store money. He created GoingGlobal to share his knowledge and experience with other people to help them navigate the diversity of relocation and immigration programs

Anatoly Trashman

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We cooperate with more than 50 reliable law companies and immigration specialists and verify our partners before adding them to the platform. Your case will go through a preliminary check by the lawyers in order to evaluate your chances of success and eliminate the risk of denial. Many of our partners conduct initial free consultations with clients

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GoingGlobal is not only a team of highly qualified specialists, but we also have practical experience in relocation. We work remotely - from Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Bali. All of us obtained documents in our new country of residence. We will be happy to share our experience, a lot of life hacks, and knowledge about a particular country. We understand how difficult relocation can be and strive to make the process as simple and transparent as possible for our clients

Our awesome features
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